MMW Dots T-Shirt
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MMW Dots T-Shirt
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Short sleeve MMW dots design. Printed on a brown or blue American Apparel shirt. 100% cotton.
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Medeski, Martin and Wood - Square Logo Sticker (Set of 2)
Black MMW logo on white background & white MMW logo on black background. Two for $1.
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Medeski, Martin and Wood - Downtown & Brooklyn Sticker

MMW Free Magic CD
MMW dip into their archives to present a collection of recordings documenting their first-ever acoustic tour in 2007. The set, stretching out over five expansive tracks, captures the three intrepid improvisers exploring the telepathic hookup and deep groove sensibility that has defined MMW since its inception in 1991.
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MSMW Live: In Case the World Changes Its Mind CD
On November 8, 2011, Indirecto Records releases a double-live album featuring guitar guru John Scofield and genrebusting improvisational jazz trio Medeski Martin & Wood. MSMW Live: In Case the World Changes Its Mind is a live collection of twelve tracks culled from their 2006 MSMW tour and features music from Scofield's A Go Go and MSMW's OUT LOUDER . Disc 1: 1. A Go Go 2. Deadzy 3. What Now 4. Tootie Ma Is a Big Fine Thing 5. Cachaca 6. In Case the World Changes It's Mind 7. Miles Behind Disc 2: 1. Little Walter Rides Again 2. Hanuman 3. Amazing Grace 4. Southern Pacific 5. Hottentot
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Billy Martin & John Medeski Mago CD
John Medeski and Billy Martin started their historic musical partnership in 1989 when Martin invited Medeski to come to his Brooklyn loft studio and play duets. This session resulted in the formation of Medeski Martin and Wood in 1991. But, the two never forgot that initial two-hour jam session, and discussed making a duet record in the future. Mago is their first duet album together, and Medeski often uses the Hammond B3 foot pedals as bass accompaniment to their unique, soulful groove inventions. The album contains several hooky funk tracks and a few intense exploratory improvisations that will blow anyone's socks off. Please click on the product image to view a track listing.
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MMW Radiolarians I CD
Restlessly inventive improvising trio Medeski Martin & Wood have embarked on an ingenious new experiment dubbed The Radiolarian Series. In February Medeski Martin & Wood began their Radiolarian Series, a three run, three record project. In direct contrast to they way things are usually done MMW decided to spend 2008 composing the skeleton of new music, taking it on the road to flesh out the composition, and finally putting the by now well played notes down as tracks. Three times. Radiolarians 1 is the first in this 3 record series. Radiolarians (also radiolaria) are amoeboid protozoa that produce intricate mineral skeletons, typically with a central capsule dividing the cell into inner and outer portions, called endoplasm and ectoplasm. " These "Unicellular Planktonic Marine Organisms" grow their intricately beautiful patterned skeleton around their soft core in defiance of normal biological process, similarly to Medeski Martin and Woods latest creative cycle. Some of the best examples of Radiolaria can be found in German Biologist Ernst Haeckel's book Art Forms From The Ocean: The Radiolarian Atlas Of 1862. Track Listing: 1) First Light 2) Cloud Wars 3) Muchas Gracias 4) Professor Nohair 5) Reliquary 6) Free Go Lily 7) Rolling Son 8) Sweet Pea Dreams 9) God Fire 10) Hidden Moon
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MMW Radiolarians II  CD
Recorded last summer, Radiolarians II demonstrates MMW's bold and wild side. Strong rock riffs and hooks butt up against noise, and classic jazz seamlessly. The jazz tunes on this record feel fresh, yet familiar. Track List: 1. Flat Tires 4:25 2. Junkyard 5:25 3. Padrecito 6:26 4. ijiji 6:46 5. Riffin' Ed 4:42 6. Amber Gris 4:34 7. Chasen vs. Suribachi 4:05 8. Dollar Pants 3:54 9. Amish Pintxos 5:02 10. Baby Let Me Follow You Down 5:55
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MMW Radiolarians III CD
Recorded in December 2008, Radiolarians III perfectly sums up the themes, motifs and styles laid out in the previous two Radiolarians records. There is an epic feel at play here, as the choruses rise and swell out of low-lying grooves and polyrhythms. Highlights include the passionate and gritty traditional “Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down,” the anthemic “Undone,” and the Latin-influenced acoustic opener “Chantes Des Femmes.” Overall, Radiolarians III finds the trio doing what they do best, melding genres and improvising. What results, is maybe the strongest and most cohesive album of the entire Radiolarians Series. 1. Chantes Des Femmes 7:50 2. Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down 4:27 3. Kota 9:12 4. Undone 5:39 5. Wonton 6:02 6. Walk Back 6:30 7. Jean's Scene 8:42 8. Broken Mirror 5:27 9. Gwyra Mi 5:33
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MMW Chair T-Shirt
Short sleeve MMW Chair design. Printed on a natural or green American Apparel shirt. 100% cotton.
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